Studio for residential exterior

In our initial range of shading technology, of course, there were mainly horizontal and vertical blinds, but already in 1992 we installed the first awnings and the following year the first motorized shading elements.

We do not invent what has already been invented.

We are enthusiasts for new solutions and progressive technologies. We follow trends and technical news in the field of shading technology, so we can almost always find the right solution. We are not only concerned with a technical solution to the problem. Aesthetics and design are equally important to us.

Our suppliers include the leading  manufacturers of shading technology and furniture  in Europe. Their range and therefore also the portfolio of products and solutions supplied by us is constantly growing. Rather than large projects, although we are not afraid of those either, we focus on clients who are looking for specific shading solutions and appreciate quality and design.

A shading technique even for very atypical requirements . Shading larger spaces is not a problem thanks to the possibility of connecting individual elements of shading technology, or their combination.